Green Hilton Head Custom Homes – Top Green Features

As the population continues to grow, green initiatives are more important than ever.
We care about the planet and, after all, we only get one! The demand for green homes is on the rise, as individuals see how much positive impact just a few small changes can have. Being energy conscious is good for the environment, it’s safer, and it’s also cost-efficient.

You might not have known you have options for a green custom home in Hilton Head.

What does it mean to be green?


Hagood homes are designed to improve energy efficiency. According to the nationally recognized Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index , our homes are 35% more efficient than the average new home built in the United States.

The HERS Index is the industry standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency. Important factors considered in an energy rating include windows & doors, ceilings & roofs, attics & crawl spaces vents & ductwork, HVAC systems, water heating system, and your thermostat.

ecoSelect Certified Homes

Many of our homes are ecoSelect certified. This designation reassures homeowners that the home they are buying is energy efficient, as well as more comfortable and healthier than standard code-built homes on the market.

To qualify for ecoSelect certification, builders must go beyond minimum design standards, resulting in better indoor air quality and energy efficiency throughout the home. Prospective buyers will receive a copy of the home’s energy report for verification.

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