Featured Premium Partner: Total Joe’s
Featured Premium Partner: Total Joe’s

We consider ourselves lucky to have such professional, skilled, and reliable contractors and vendors in our area to partner with – like Total Joe’s – on every custom-designed coastal Carolina home we build. Their waste disposal and cleaning services fit our eco-friendly focus and help ensure that almost all of our leftover construction materials are reused or recycled, instead of being dumped at the local landfill.

Meet Total Joe’s

Total Joe’s provides construction waste and debris removal solutions that go above and beyond traditional services. Since 1996, they have been a trusted partner of Hagood Homes, keeping our job sites safe, clutter-free, and every home site clean. Total Joe’s partnership with us is integral to our building process, not only for the services they provide, but for their customer-centric approach.

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Services & Specialties

Total Joe’s doesn’t just show up at the completion of each one of Hagood Homes’ Wilmington or Hilton Head new home projects. They maintain the site throughout every phase of construction. They not only pick up and dispose of debris in the dumpsters, but they also service the entire property – inside and out – keeping it clean and presentable so that each time a client visits their dream home in progress, they can visualize its possibilities without debris and obstacles in the way.

Home construction site

Recycling Unused Materials

As with any construction project, there will be some materials leftover at the end. Total Joe’s recycles all of our leftover clean wood products, including two-by-fours and pallets, and turns them into mulch. This service eliminates the need to send residual wood to a landfill. Instead, it becomes a new, sellable product that gets used by landscaping professionals and homeowners.

Eco-Friendly Approach

At Hagood Homes, we select all building materials with low-waste, low environmental impact in mind. Specifically:

Wood: Primarily used during the framing process. However, many materials arrive on wood pallets that are left over once a home is complete. We recycle 70% of clean wood products.

Brick & Concrete: Used in our homes’ foundations, exteriors, patios and driveways. Left over material is sent to a facility that makes crush and run (aka ABC stone or dense grade aggregate).

Sheet Rock: We have approximately 240 tons of sheet rock remnants each year. This material is sent to a recycling plant to make compost and topsoil.

Cardboard: Leftovers are recycled into new cardboard, which in turn saves money, resources and creates clean, renewable energy.

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