What’s More Coastal Than a Crushed Shell Porch?
What’s More Coastal Than a Crushed Shell Porch?

Spring is almost upon us, and nature is coming alive — in the greening of trees with graceful Spanish moss, across vast, lush lawns, and throughout diverse coastal Carolina landscapes. You can integrate some of this local natural beauty into your Hagood home with crushed shells.

Unless you live on a boat at sea, there may be no better way to reside close to ocean elements than with a home rich with crushed-shell accents firmly woven directly into high-quality materials during your home’s construction.

When creating crushed-shell porches and driveways, our expert craftsmen use locally sourced shells from the Carolina coast, applying them in an even layer during the slab-pouring stage. After a final smoothing process, you’ve got a uniform shell-speckled surface that’s as unique as it is distinctive. Talk about embracing coastal living!


Bonus: Crushed shells porches are one of the many included features in a Hagood home!

Join Sales Agent Hannah Tew on a homesite as she walks you through the process of crushed shell installation on a back porch.

You Select the Shell Designs

What other aspects of a home might you enhance with custom deep-sea accents? While driveways and porches are some of the most sought-after uses for crushed shells, many other areas work just as well. Imagine your great room’s built-in fireplace, delicately accented by crushed shells that perfectly complement your hardwood floors’ soft, natural tones. Take your landscaping to an enchanting level with a crushed-shell path of your own design. And if you’re getting a pool, what goes better with shimmering blue water than smooth shells from the nearby Atlantic embedded in the walkway around the pool?

20 Market

For a stunning yet understated look, the entire facade of a home can include a custom crushed-shell design. 20 Market is a perfect example. This incredible home incorporated crushed shells in the driveway, exterior, front pillars, and backyard ledge. Click here to view more photos.

The Hagood Difference

With an in-house design team, Hagood offers a level of personalization that makes us unique among builders. We give homebuyers the option of having in-person meetings with professionals across a range of disciplines. These pros include kitchen designers, closet designers, landscape architects, electricians, and outdoor living space experts, to name a few. Why do we do this? To guarantee that we personalize your home exactly to your wishes, down to the finest details.

Which features will you choose?

Using shells from our idyllic Carolina shores for a unique porch is just one feature that makes Hagood stand out. Click here to see all the features that make Hagood different.

But our track record of success may be the greatest testament to the Hagood Difference! With over 1,200 homes in the coastal Carolinas and counting, Hagood has over two decades of building expertise that you can rely on. To find out more, contact us using the form below!

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