Customer Testimonials

Tara and Doug MacCall

Doug and I had a very successful 2-1/2 days in Wilmington last week meeting with the “Hagood people” to make ALL our choices for our CSA. It was very exciting and very exhausting!

We were happy to hear that every vendor really does enjoy working with Hagood, and in particular, mentioned you and Shelbi by name.

With the time he had, Wayne at Atlantic Appliances was quite helpful with our refrigerator, washer/dryer and beverage center selections. Dustin knows his stuff and does not go out of his lane-he makes the cabinets. Mary at Shutterhawk was an extreme delight and a huge help as we did not have a good starting point with our master closet, and she had an efficient design for us. Jessie at Ferguson was wonderful-we were very prepared for her, she helped us fine tune our choices and made a great suggestion for our master bedroom fan. Mike gave us a great education on the sound system, offered sound suggestions and answered all our questions. Ny at Parker Landscaping did his best not having seen the site yet as he was just assigned to us. We were bummed to hear the sod would take up a huge chunk of our landscaping budget and SJP regulations will more than likely put us over budget. It is what it is.

Shelbie was awesome. She really took her time with us, and she knows her stuff, given her young age. I guess that means we are just getting old. We fell in love with her color suggestion for the upstairs bedrooms as she did not necessarily care for our color choice, and she was spot on. Shelbie seemed to understand and worked well with the husband/wife dynamic.

All and all, a very positive experience with Hagood and confirmed we are in good hands.

John & Cindy Wichman

"My husband and myself have had a really great experience working with Hagood Homes and their sales rep Josh Adams. They really take their time to work to have a home that is right for you. The overall quality and attention to detail is what was important for us. We live in Michigan and Travel at different times to look and design our home and the team at Haygood has been very accommodating. We love the high quality of finishes and the variety of designs and that they let you customize to fit your needs.”


Mary Pacifico

"Josh of Hagood Homes was a genuine pleasure to work with. From the start, he knew exactly what style and type of custom home would look perfect on my lot in Compass Pointe. He understood my needs, including budget, time frame, quality of materials, and last but not least, the quality craftsmanship I desired. My decision to build with Hagood Homes was supported by excellent recommendations from people who knew Josh and their experience building quality homes. My interaction with Josh was genuine, honest, and kind. I would highly recommend Hagood to anyone wanting to build the home of their dreams. Thank you so much for this wonderful journey because it was truly worth it."

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Dave Gustat

"We would highly recommend Hagood Homes to build your quality custom home. We were impressed with the included features like spray foam insulation, the abundance of beautiful windows, soaring ceilings, etc. We received the best in customer service from our initial salesman Josh, to owners Jim and Troy, to the terrific office, selections, and field staff. We are looking forward to many wonderful years to come in our gorgeous Hagood Home!"

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GG & CG, New Jersey

"Patrick Wright was one of the primary reasons we chose Hagood. Our quality assessment and Patrick’s flexibility were the deciding factors. Patrick worked with us before signing our contract to estimate possible overruns, and he was spot on with each of his projections. Our overruns beyond his projections were purely self-driven. We were actually discouraged from some of what we thought we wanted during our final design meetings with the Hagood team, which included the owner of Hagood. The whole final design process was a pleasure, no pressure, no suggested upsells, very refreshing.

Amazingly, our build schedule went flawlessly despite COVID. Our project manager was very professional and exacting in his ability to see potential issues and opportunities that could result in disappointments. Having said that, we had no disappointments.

We were in NJ during construction but were sent videos and pictures weekly by the PM documenting progress. We’ve been down every six weeks or so over the past year, and each time we visit our home, we become more and more convinced that selecting Hagood was the right decision."

newly built custom home
Alyson & Scott Kreitzman

"We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to Hagood Homes regarding our build in St. James Plantation. Building while out of state can be stressful but Hagood kept us informed every step of the way making it smooth process. Hagood was always quick to respond and address any concerns or requests.

We originally chose Hagood due to a particular home plan. During the sales process, Patrick Wright further sold us on the quality of their product, build process, and energy efficiency. Hagood’s design center professional, Selena Williams not only provided wonderful options but helped guide our selections and ensure our preferences were incorporated into our home.

We want to thank Patrick Wright, Bobby Edmonds, Patrick Kennedy, Larry Putnam, and the entire Hagood team for building us our dream home. We feel blessed by the quality craftmanship and look forward to many years ahead in our new home. We highly recommend Hagood Builders!"

Gerry Wynkoop

"We selected Hagood Homes to build our new home. Throughout the process Josh Adams has been professional and attentive to our needs and concerns. The Hagood quality and customer service were major factors in our decision."

Barbara and John
Wantagh, Long Island NY

"We had several customizations that we wanted to incorporate into the design of our retirement home at Compass Pointe. Of all the builders we spoke with, Hagood was by far the most flexible and accommodating. We are currently about halfway through the build process and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the patience and all-around warm professionalism extended by the Hagood team. Their consistent willingness to help and support us through the process is enhancing our enjoyment of the overall process. And we would also like to express a special note of appreciation for the support provided by Josh Adams. More than anything else, Josh's responsiveness and personal attention was a key reason why we chose Hagood Homes."

Barton Whitman

"Hagood Homes has been fabulous to deal with to date. The sales staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, informs you of the process that will be followed, personable, beyond helpful, very willing to accommodate your thoughts and wishes, and with you every step of the way. The quality that goes into their home is what caught my eye. They take great care of the big items and pay just as much attention to the little ones that make a huge difference in your day to day life as a home owner. We are very pleased with the entire Sales process and look forward to the same wonderful experience through the selection process and construction."

Cathy Fraser

"When we began our search for our Compass Pointe home builder, we loved the quality look of the simple, coastal style of Hagood Homes designs. We contacted Josh Adams and he promptly got back to us and walked us through several models online. He was very knowledgeable and went over the entire Hagood building process with us also online! Josh got answers to all of our initial questions prior to our relocating to Wilmington this March, which made our initial in person meeting with him extremely productive!

We have built several homes and were pleased to see the quality of standard features included in the Hagood Homes base price. We chose the Cape Lookout model and were able to customize both the exterior elevation and interior features. They made the selection process very smooth and set up all of our meetings with contractors to customize cabinetry, lighting, audio, electrical, closet design/window treatments and landscaping.

We are now looking forward to them completing our new home!"

Becky Davisson

"We recently moved into our Hagood Home and are very happy with the quality of our build as well as the design and coastal style that we were looking for in our new home. Josh Adams provided us with all of the details we needed during the sales and design process. He was very responsive when we reached out to him and worked with other Hagood staff to clarify and provide the details required. The Hagood staff is professional and responded to our inquiries in a timely manner.

Our project manager, Mike Wenzel, has been fabulous to work with as he is efficient, detail oriented and responsive to our requests and concerns. He made our remote build go smoothly.

We recommend Hagood for an energy efficient, beautiful home build and look forward to enjoying ours for many years!"

Dori Keeler

"We recently visited a community where Hagood is building in North Carolina. Both Josh and Patrick provided excellent customer service as we prepare to build our home with them. We are early in the process, but the entire Hagood team has been outstanding answering our questions. Since no models of the home we are interested in building were available, Josh arranged us to meet with and tour currently occupied homes. This went above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to working with them in the months ahead."

Maureen Spagnoli

"Hagood Homes understands how to create a coastal decor! Their attention to detail is second to none. They worked with us to make significant changes to the floor plan that closest matched our wish list. Our project manager was in continuous contact with us and was able to bring construction in ahead of schedule. We ended up with our dream home. On our one year walk through, our punch list was minimal and everything was promptly taken care of. Hagood Homes was a pleasure to work with. We are happy and proud to be part of the Hagood family."

Michael Stevens

"We are working with Hagood to build our final house! We went to the Builders Showcase at Compass Pointe. We visited the Hagood model last since we had seen a Hagood house at another development. From the moment you walk in, there is just something different about a Hagood home. You know you are in a high quality, well built home.

Josh was so great to work with in modifying out plans and getting the contract completed. Selena gave us some really good advice in the selection process. I was really nervous about how much more we would have to pay after completing all the selections, but we found Hagood to be very reasonable with how they priced add-ons and selections above grade.

We are in the construction phase right now and Brandon has become our new best friend. He keeps us informed with good visibility into the schedule and pictures. This has been a positive experience for us which is important since we do not live in the area."

Jane Kreyling

"Working with Josh Adams has been a great experience. He is quick with finding answers to our questions. Friendly, patient and well versed in the home building field."

John Sherman

"Hagood builders is a top notch builder of new homes. We were present during the build so we got to see each step of the process and evaluate in real time. Any issues that arose were dealt with quickly and we were consulted as to whether the process met our approval. Hagood builds quality and value into a home such that there were only a few small items needing addressing as we moved in. I would recommend Hagood to anyone I know."

Ann & Jess Gatlin

"We purchased a home from Hagood Homes. Josh was our initial contact. Responsive, knowledgeable, and quick to answer our questions. He explained the process and ensured we were taken care of by all of the people we met throughout the entire process. From choosing a model, to making selections, to the actual build. We always felt we were dealing with people who cared about us, our home, and providing excellent customer service."

Trish, Tyler & Mike

"Trish and I wanted to thank the Hagood team for our beautiful home. We’ve now had a few months in our house and are very pleased. The neighborhood is fantastic and people are very welcoming. We can’t say enough how pleased we were during the building process. A few hiccups, as expected when building, but all minor issues were addressed immediately by Jeff. It’s exciting to see the remaining lots spring to life with new homes with new neighbors. Thanks again Hagood team!"

Mary Sue & Victor

"We were extremely pleased and happy with the way that our house buying process turned out with Hagood Homes. Of course, the initial draw was the beautiful craftsmanship of our new home, but after meeting Nora and Hannah, the process progressed seamlessly! They sat down and answered our long list of questions, while also taking notes and immediately coordinating our requests. They helped us not only keep up with all of the vendors needed, but also to reassure us that everything we dreamed was a possibility! Their excitement for us and our family was genuine and enhanced our experience with the Hagood builder team. Although there are inevitably hiccups along the way, Hagood did their best to remedy them quickly and efficiently. Overall, we are very thankful for Hagood's professionalism, our easy buying experience and of course, our new home!"

Mike & Angela Nesbit

"Being born and raised in North Carolina, I left the state in 1979, seeking my opportunities and found a career, wife, and eventually a family. I married a southern gal, and our goal was to return to North Carolina one day as our last stop. We bought a lot in Winding River because we saw the tremendous offering and lifestyle. Twenty years later, it was time to build a house. It was daunting for us to be 750 miles away just to find a builder, much less one we could trust and build our dream home. We found what we were looking for in Hagood Homes, and we looked at several builders. Hagood offered us a high level of communication and involvement throughout the entire process that eliminated our anxiety. Beyond that, Hagood built our home with a high level of detail and selections that came standard in the house, so we had very few chargeable options. We were looking for a high level of detail, which we got but in a very relaxed presentation, and that's precisely what we got in our Hagood Home. I would definitely build with Hagood again."

Wayne & Linda Tillman

"When we were looking for a builder for our lot in Winding River Plantation we interviewed many companies and toured their spec homes. We simply fell in love with the Shackleford Banks model that Hagood Homes built. Everything that we wanted was included and the quality of workmanship was very apparent. The building process was even better than we expected and the house was delivered exactly on time. We love our home and also love living the coastal lifestyle in Winding River Plantation."

Greg Derocco

"We are in the process of building our new home with Hagood Homes in North Carolina. We chose Hagood Homes because of the quality of materials they use and the design of their homes. Josh Adams is our point man for this build and has kept us informed every step of the way. He has been very professional and a pleasure to work. We feel we are in good hands with his guidance."

Richard Johnson

"We highly recommend Hagood Homes. We bought one of their homes and then we had them build one for us. The quality of our home and the staff at Hagood are top notch."

Deanna Brown-Johnson

"We've now owned two homes built by Hagood! From beginning to end, the process was easy, the team was professional and everyone was helpful and amazing. From floor plan to interior design and construction, they have made sure we were happy with every detail. Josh, Patrick, and Mike as well as everyone on the Hagood team goes above and beyond. We love our home. Everything is beautiful!"

Linda Davidson

"When we decided to build in Compass Pointe, we looked at 8 builders in the area. We selected Hagood because we loved the coastal look of their homes, as well as all the features that were available. Josh Adams was great to work with as we navigated building our first home. Our customized Shackleford Banks Alternative was completed in December and it is just perfect. It is solidly constructed, energy efficient and we couldn't be happier with the results."

Marie Magezi

"I am excited about my forever home being close to being done. From the very start of this journey you have guided me and helped me make some critical decisions that would have been overwhelming otherwise. Hagood has made this an enjoyable experience so far. Everyone in the office has been great and out in the field Mike has been excellent. I am looking forward to finally moving to Compass Pointe and living in my beautiful Hagood home. Thank you for your impeccable customer service. It means a lot."

Doris Connell

"Just moved in to our new Hagood Homes Cape Lookout in Compass Pointe! We've been here 1 week and the house is fantastic. We spent a good bit of time trying to decide on a builder and ultimately were trying to decide between Kent Homes and Hagood Homes. The sales associates at both builders were very helpful and knowledgeable. Josh with Hagood was exceptionally responsive, friendly, and easy to work with. We chose Hagood for several reasons. First, they are the only builder in CP who use the spray foam insulation as a standard offering. Other builders seemed a bit reluctant to do it even as an upgrade. My husband was a believer from the start but now that we are in the home, the "energy wrap" works really well. I'm a convert! Second, the included features of the home were items that would have been an upgrade with other builders (e.g., three course foundation rather than 2 so the house sits higher up, 8 ft interior door height, larger windows than standard, elegant interior trim, among other items). Third, the floor-plan was exactly what we were looking for and we did not need to do any customization. Josh told us that the Cape Lookout was created based on customer feedback and essentially is a tweak of one of their other floor-plans. This speaks to the fact that they listen to their customers. Finally, most other builders offer several elevations for each floor plan; and the nicer elevations are considered upgrades. With Hagood there is one elevation (they offer the nicest one and call it a day), the one that you see in the model/floor plan. Although you can customize, I liked the fact that I was getting what I was seeing. I don't like to be nickel and dimed so this was a huge factor for me.

Once the decision was made to go with Hagood, things moved pretty quickly with selections, which was a 3 day process. Everyone was very helpful. There was absolutely no pressure to upgrade anything. We felt like we drove the process. From ground breaking to closing was approximately 6-7 months. Throughout the process, everyone was very responsive. We were "monitoring" the build from out of state, so the Buildertrend app that they use is very helpful. The Project Manager uploads pictures along the way so you can follow the progress from afar.

Finally, I do want to speak to the quality. The house is well built and the 2 things I've noticed so far is that it is very quiet inside (good windows and insulation) and with it being 90+ degrees outside the thermostat is set at 75 and at times we were cold. The attic/storage area is just about the same temperature as the rest of the house thanks to the spray foam insulation! It was a great decision to go with Hagood. We did upgrade a few things but for the most part we built an "off the shelf" home that actually feels very custom. Hagood offers a 30 day walk-through so that they can fix any major issues and then a 1 year walk through where they will fix drywall dings and other cosmetic items. Like any build nothing is perfect and there are a list of items that we have already; nothing major. Based on their customer service to date, I have full confidence that they will continue in that vein.

Thank you to Josh Adams, Patrick Kennedy, Kenzie Keenan, and Daniel Miller for helping us through this entire process!"

Ed & Amy

"Hagood is currently building our home in NC. So far our experience has been great with the entire team! Check them out - I don't think you will be disappointed!!!"

Peter & Cheryl DiGangi

"Hagood will build you a good home. From planning with Josh Adams to the build with project manager Daniel Miller: the total experience and the quality of workmanship has been truly exceptional. And let’s not forget the selections team; Selena and Kenzie who have made this complex process seamless and easy. Phone calls and emails are always returned promptly with solutions and alternatives.

We looked at many models and builders before we selected Hagood...and we’re certainly glad we did. They have a great reputation amongst tradesmen, home inspectors, and the general public. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a quality home with style and beauty."

John & Kathy

"We fell in love with the Shackleford Banks design by Hagood. Working with Josh Adams was a pleasure and we still visit with him as he continues to have a strong presence in Compass Pointe. The process was easy to follow and upgrades were incorporated efficiently. Any of our concerns were addressed and the house was delivered on schedule. We now have our sanctuary and are glad we selected Hagood to deliver on our vision."

Alan & Donna

"We are very pleased with Hagood Homes. They offer a lot of great coastal plans, a simple selection process with plenty of choices and a staff that goes above and beyond. They are delivering quality construction and energy efficient features in their homes....excellent value for our retirement home investment dollars. Our home is currently under construction and we enjoy seeing the weekly progress pictures remotely. Highly recommend Hagood Homes!"

Mr. & Mrs. Kolenik

"Out of the houses that we've bought, and we've bought three new construction homes, with this house we've had almost zero problems. Really nothing. Hagood Homes has been wonderful, and any issue we've had, they've taken care of it right away."

Gayle Pfeiffer

"Hagood built my Shackleford Banks home almost 7 years ago in Compass Pointe. My home still ranks high in energy efficiency in the Duke Energy reports. It's quiet, solid and just as comfortable as it was when new. The house has been through 2 hurricanes, several tropical storms and has had no roof/window issues. I felt that I received custom build at a production price."

Wilmington, NC
Carmel and Tom Lappa-Laird
Avon, Ohio

"My wife and I are the owners of this home and can't say enough good things about the experience we had with Hagood Homes. I am an executive for an international commercial builder who prides ourselves in integrity and client satisfaction. My expectations were high and Hagood exceeded them. Communication form the first day we met Josh up until closeout were prompt and professional. The quality of their product is outstanding. Can't recommend them enough."

Pamela Cedrone

"I can’t say enough good things about Hagood Homes! Their quality and attention to detail is exceptional. They include a lot more in their base price than other builders which makes them highly competitive or better - no unnecessary surprises. The selection process was seamless, professional & thorough. I’ve enjoyed the total experience from the initial sales appointment to every meeting thereafter. Communication with the entire staff was excellent! I can’t wait to move into my Hagood home!"

John & Vikki Smith
Vineyards NC

"Going on ten years with no complaints. Great building experience, quality workmanship, a builder who keeps his word. God Bless!"

John & Cindy Wickman

"My husband and myself have had a really great experience working with Haygood Homes and their sales rep Josh Adams. They really take their time to work to have a home that is right for you. The overall quality and attention to detail is what was important for us. We live in Michigan and Travel at different times to look and design our home and the team at Haygood has been very accommodating. We love the high quality of finishes and the variety of designs and that they let you customize to fit your needs."

Rick & Linda Shilts

"Hagood Homes was amazing! Our home is a first class custom home. So many standard features! Hagood offers spray foam insulation in the ceiling and walls and what a tight seal and difference that makes in our utility bills! Our house is 1,000 square feet larger than our neighbors and our electric bill is much cheaper!! Hagood puts so many fine features in their homes from the tile on the front porch , the large baseboards, Wayne’s coating, crown molding, etc! The selection offerings were numerous too! We were able to take a plan, Mark it up with changes and Troy masterfully made it a reality! Our one year walk through was a breeze and the few minor things on the list were completed In a timely manner! Our salesman Josh Adams was amazing! He was there for us every step of the way! We are so so happy with our “ custom” Hagood Home and highly recommend them to others!!"

Ana Donlan

"We built with Hagood homes and had a wonderful experience from start to finish. Josh Adams was professional and responsive. He answered all our questions and kept us informed during the long distance building process."

Jim & Gudrun Chase

"Sales staff is friendly and easy to work with. Some problems with responsiveness during the building process that ultimately could be worked out because the new building manager who started towards the end of our build was very helpful and always there when we had concerns or questions. Happy with the quality of the house."

Rik & Marci Williams

"We worked with Hagood Homes in 2012 to design and build our home in Compass Pointe. It was not our first home-building experience, but it was by far our best. We found Hagood Homes to be extremely professional, responsive and yet personal and caring in every step of the process. The quality of their work was extraordinary. Now 8 years later we feel the same way. Their workmanship has been superb and held up well. We think all the builders in our community are excellent, but Hagood Homes is a step above the rest."

James & Dianne Smith

"We’re approaching 4 years since we closed on our home in Compass Pointe. We went the custom route, since there were some things we were looking to do, that were slightly outside of the norm. Our hat’s off to Troy Kenny, who was able to put what we had in our heads, on paper, and make it happen. We were not in town during the build, but we had peace of mind, since our building supervisor kept in touch with us on a regular basis. Jim Kenny even stopped by, during the build, to check on things and in some cases had contractors redo items that he felt were not up to Hagood standards. After the warranty had long expired, when a trim issue was noticed that had been missed by all, a Hagood supervisor came by, and brought in a contractor to take care of the issue. It was nice to see a builder stand by their product. So we’d like to thank Hagood Homes for another quality build."

Wilmington, NC
John & Dianna McGinley

"We toured many homes in Compass Pointe before we visited the St Kitts model and spoke with Josh who was very helpful. We decided then that the St Kitts was the home for us. The rooms are spacious and the floor plan well thought out. The entire process went very well due to the entire Hagood team. We've been here since December and are very happy."

Dave and Cathy Gustat

"We just wanted to reach out to say how awesome our experience in building our retirement home with Hagood Homes has been! We chose Hagood for our builder because of the great reviews from former clients and because we knew we wanted to build a home custom to our needs. When it comes to a custom home design Hagood can’t be beat.

They listened carefully to our specific vision and designed exactly what we asked for. We made many upgraded choices which were never a problem for the selections team to source. Our journey started with Josh Adams and his vast knowledge of construction and the entire home building process. He was so friendly, attentive and a fountain of information, not mention his patience as I called him every couple of days regarding our design!

The entire Hagood team has been available to us every step of the way and take real pride in the details of their homes. We live in the Chicago area so have been extremely pleased with the almost daily updates, pictures, and videos of the progress being made. A huge thanks to the entire Hagood family for bringing our retirement dream home to a reality that we will enjoy for years to come!"

Dennis & Susan Murphy

"We love our Hagood home and love Compass Pointe. Our home is so light-filled due to the oversized windows Hagood uses, it is wonderful. The construction is excellent with professional insulating techniques that keep our utility bills low and our comfort level high.

We have been enjoying our home for almost three years and we had virtually no "punch list" issues and those were addressed and happily resolved. We looked at other builders' models and found them nice but a bit dark. We are very happy with our Hagood built home."

Jeff & Robin
Spring, TX

"Having the opportunity to personalize my new home to what works for my family makes it feel more like our home and not cookie cutter standard house. Hagood made the selection process so easy and fun. They set up my appointments and helped me every step of the way. I was so pleased to see how many selections I had that were included at no extra charge. Not like any other builder I have worked with. Walking in our new home today was amazing. We were so happy to see how beautifully all of our selections came together. The house has such warmth about it because of the color and flooring choices we could make. We could not love our home more."

Jim & Terry Newbrough
Mahwah, NJ

"When a family makes the decision that it is time to make a move and the process begins, it can be a stressful experience. My wife and made that decision in 2014 and the process began.

After we figured out where we wanted to live the next step was picking a builder and the house. After many trips to our new location and talking to more builders than I care to remember, we picked Hagood homes.

We decided on Hagood homes primarily of the quality they put into their homes but also Josh Adams, sales manager. Josh went way up and above to help Terry and I pick the home we wanted and in a format that met all are requirements.

This was no easy task. It took us almost a year to pick a floor plan and fit all our needs into the new house. Josh never wavered or even get the least bit impatient. I’m not sure I would have had the patience to deal with Terry and me. But Josh sure did.

It’s hard to find people with the interpersonal skills that Josh has. We appreciate his patience and his knowledge. If it wasn’t for him I think we may still be floundering around."

Mike & Jill Wetzel
Glen Mills, PA

"Our experience with [Hagood Homes] during the sales and selection process was fantastic and we can't say enough about how great you were to work with. We'll always appreciate all of the time you spent with us and how you went out of your way to take us down to St. James to see the model house (even if you took the scenic route!). It was a great experience."

Donna & Charlie Lichti
White Plains, NY

"We chose to work with Hagood, and couldn’t have asked for a better [company] to collaborate with for our new home. You handled our questions...with precise detail explaining the specifics with patience, examples and clear documentation.

Our sales liaison guided us through the complexities of custom home building with attention to each aspect, and effective communications helped set expectations at every level of the process. Your frequent offer of various suggestions and alternatives were always very helpful in making decisions.

[Our sales agent] was always easy to connect with and attention to our project was superb. We never sensed that we were one of many of your customers, although we know how busy Hagood Builders are currently. Aside from the specifics of building our home, we appreciated your integrity and expertise, relationships within Compass Pointe and your sunny disposition which have put us at ease with this life changing event."

Mark Binkley & Karen Small
Middlesex, NJ

"We love our custom Hagood home. It is just the right home for our unusual lot here in Compass Pointe. We have received many compliments from friends and neighbors. Building a custom home certainly has its challenges and ours was no exception. Hagood has worked with us to satisfy our concerns that came up along the build process and after completion."

Kevin & Christine Loughran
Goshen, NY

"It has already been a year since we purchased our lot in Compass Pointe. The day that we viewed the lot, we also met your Compass Pointe sales associate, Josh Adams. His personality and professionalism immediately put us at ease considering the magnitude of the adventure we were about to undertake. We have never bought a new home, let alone have someone build one to our specifications.

Josh answered all of our questions and accompanied us us to the model homes available to help us in our decision making process. He then went over each option that was in the model home and reviewed costs and other choices. In addition he was present during our selections process.

Josh is a true asset to your organization and we were very happy that he was the first individual of Hagood Homes that we encountered. You should feel very proud that you have such a knowledgeable, friendly individual representing your firm at Compass Pointe.

We would also like to thank Kappy Johnson for her help in the selections and Adam Worrell for keeping the subcontractors on task."

Dennis J Murphy

"Susan and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you and Hagood Homes have done to make our purchase truly exceptional.

As we were looking at homes here in Leland we consistently saw the expertise and fine finishing details of Hagood Homes. Our home is not unique in its floor plan. But it is so unique and special in the manner in which this home takes advantage of the light and the surrounding area. The attention to detail is obvious.

Josh, when we met you at what is now our home, we were not totally committed. Your explanation of the many features and benefits (i.e. the HVAC system in place and the structure of the home as well as the Hagood reputation and warranty) helped us make our final, happy decision.

Your follow up and follow through continues to confirm that we made a very good decision."

Chet & Mary Fox

"Love Hagood Homes and Josh Adams. We actually have 2 Hagood Homes one we rent out and one New Build. Working with Hagood was a pleasure. The whole team was wonderful and as a result our new home on Oak Abbey is way more than expected! Would highly recommend them as a builder any time. Thanks Hagood for making our dreams come true!"

Doug & Dorene Shirey

"We absolutely love our Hagood home! We, as many Compass Pointe residents, downsized from a much larger traditional home with a basement. Our Hagood Shackleford Banks home feels spacious and airy! It beautifully accommodates entertaining. The huge storage capacity of the easily accessible attic has more than met all our storage needs.

We made some floor plan changes to meet our specific taste and needs. The Hagood team did a fantastic job making our vision a reality.

Have to add that it is an added benefit to have had contractors not affiliated with Hagood comment on how well built our homes is!

We found Josh Adams a pleasure to work with He is knowledgeable and invested in helping you create a home that is just right for you! It is truly telling that all of our neighbors on an all Hagood street maintain what has become a friendship with Josh. I think that speaks volumes regarding our experiences with Josh and with Hagood."

Kenny & Kathy Windsor

"We are in the process of building a Hagood home in Compass Pointe thanks to Josh, the reason we chose Hagood! We much appreciate his availability and knowledge. Also want to thank our project manager, Dave, who has been wonderful throughout this process.Dave keeps us informed daily through builder trend with photos and video, text, FaceTime and phone calls. Up to this point, our experience has been excellent! We are very excited to see the finished product and join the Compass Pointe community."

Rick & Linda Shilts

"We love our Hagood Home! Josh has been amazing! We made many changes to an existing Hagood which Troy did a great job implementing them into the plan per our suggestions!"

Bob & Susan Gernon

"Bob and I love our Hagood home and being in Compass Pointe. This is a wonderful community. I can't tell you how many people have stopped and asked me about our home and who built it...even people who have built with other builders! 🤷‍♀️ I am always very happy to tell them!"

Barry & Sherry

"We are so thrilled to finally be moved into our Compass Pointe home full time! Upon first seeing our lot in 2015, we knew we wanted to make this our home. We love our Hagood home, and appreciate the efforts of the team working with us to build our house, and make our move a reality!"

Mike & Marietta

"It has been a pleasure building our new home with Hagood. Our house was a custom build, and Josh was amazing while he guided us through the process. He and Troy came up with different options to meet our needs.

We met many wonderful Hagood people during our building process. Jim Kenny is a wonderful man who loves what he does, and he’s so good at it. He is proud of Hagood Homes, and his employees share his love. It’s no surprise that Hagood Homes stand out in the community.

We worked with Mackenzie Keenan to do our selections. She brought us to different vendors to select our electrical fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. It’s such a pleasure to work with people who know what they’re doing.

We are very impressed with our project manager, Daniel Miller. He goes out of his way to provide us with pictures and videos of our house being built.

We are very lucky to be living in Compass Pointe while our house is being built. It is a wonderful community with great amenities. If you are thinking of moving to Compass Pointe, make sure you visit Josh Adams to see what Hagood Homes could offer you. They’re really top of the line. It’s not a cookie cutter house, their houses come with so many features that other builders charge extra for. You will not be disappointed!"

George & Lori James

"Congratulations to Hagood Homes! Thank you Josh for working with us in the planning stages and helping us with some design changes. We are very happy with our Pointe Harbor home. Our home is beautiful, bright, open and has plenty of storage space. George and I are looking forward to many happy years in our Hagood Home."

Peter & Cheryl DiGangi

"Josh Adams at Hagood homes was fantastic in helping us select our beautiful forever home. He patiently went through all the details with us and answered all our questions silly or not. Our experience with with the entire Hagood Homes team: Selena, Kenzie, Madison, Patrick and especially Daniel Miller our project manager have been without question exceptional. They under promised and over delivered. Peter and I would highly recommend Hagood Homes to even a member of our family. Not only do they build great homes, but they give spectacular service. Thank you Hagood ❤️"


"Hagood Homes have provided me with a home that I love. Hannah, Nora and other Hagood employees have made me feel good about being a Hagood homeowner. They respond immediately to all requests. I would recommend to anyone to purchase a Hagood home. You’re not just a homeowner but part of the Hagood family."

Wilmington, NC

"I have lived in my Hagood Home for a little over a year now, but it already feels like my forever home. Everything about the house just works for our family! The main living space is open and functional, it works equally well for family time and entertaining. The bedrooms and office are comfortable and well-situated. The quality of the home is superb! And Hagood is just always there for us!

I love living in my new home! I appreciate the aesthetics of the Catherine’s Cove neighborhood and the exterior of my home in particular. The lines of my house, the front porch, and the landscaping all contribute to its curb appeal and charm. On the inside the layout is functional, comfortable, and adaptable. The windows are well placed, large, and capture the natural light. The finishes are both beautiful and welcoming. I use every room in the house; there is no wasted space! It has been a pleasure to work with Hagood! They are proactive and helpful, and take their commitment to building both homes and community to heart."

Oscar & Jessica
Wilmington, NC

"Being someone who loves to cook and bake, having a kitchen that accommodated to my passion was very important to me. Hagood homes was extremely accommodating and made sure I got exactly what I wanted from a wall oven, extended island, oversized gas range, and walk- in closet which became my baking closet! Being able to customize my home to my needs makes me so excited to be home everyday!"

Jim & Ellen
Annapolis, MD

"I love my Hagood Home because it is built with such quality and solidly but together. Jim just mentioned this morning about the electrician was very meticulous in his work. He noticed the screws were all positioned in the same direction. I also love that my double sliding doors offer and inside/outside living space. In addition great insulation results in lower electric bills.

Catherine’s Cove is a great development. The neighbors are honestly the most welcoming and kind people. I will add that they are a fun group to hangout with.

We moved here from Annapolis, Maryland in June 2019. We were looking for an area that was a little less harsh than the winters we have up north. We love the beach but did not want to go as far as Florida. We visited Wilmington multiple times and just fell in love with the people and the area. Plus it is more retirement friendly than Maryland.

Our experience with Hagood Homes has been amazing. We have dealt with builders back in Maryland and at times has been a real nightmare. Hagood Homes are by far the best builder that we have every had the pleasure of dealing with. They are very easy to work with and truly care about the product they produce. They are family!"

Annapolis, MD
Joe & Felice
Wilmington, NC

"When we decided to look for a home, we knew we were ready to downsize and make life a little simpler. There are so many wonderful communities around and of course price, size and area was important to us. We wanted to be closer to our daughter to help with the grandchildren. When we heard that Hagood Homes was building up in the Ogden area, we knew where we would be going.

This is our second time living in a Hagood Home, and I can't say enough great things about them. When you walk through their homes, you instantly feel the warmth and how much great planning goes into the layouts. Your instincts are right if you think about the female touch in their designs and plans. Troy Kenny certainly has the special touch when planning the designs.

One of my favorite aspects of Hagood Homes is that most of what you find in the models, will be what you will have in your home. You will NOT find white chalky walls. You get to pick from a beautiful color palette to make your home warm and cheerful. The details are charming and plenty, and you know when you drive through a Hagood Neighborhood, that everything is well thought of and well planned.

We have been settled in now for a couple of weeks. We wake up to a bright, cheerful place we call home, and feel lucky to be part of a Hagood Neighborhood."

David & Terri Kennedy

"From Troy’s design through Mary Virginia’s decorating tips the whole Hagood team created a beautiful home for us and made our home building experience delightful. Even after the closing Jim and his team continue to help us whenever we need assistance. We highly recommend Hagood Homes to everyone."

Martie Davy
Landfall Realty

"I would highly recommend Hagood Homes to anyone who is thinking about building a home. My experience in working with Hagood as a Real Estate Broker has always been very professional and positive, and in building my personal home they were great. From designing the house with Troy & Jim to working with project superintendent, Kevin, the experience was completely fun and easy!"

Col. (US Army Retired) Tom McCarthy

"The Hagood Team provided outstanding customer support throughout the entire process of building my first house. This process went so smoothly because of their unending customer service and meticulous attention to detail."

Wilmington, NC

"It was in the late 90s, or maybe early 2000. While I don't remember the exact year, I distinctly remember the feeling I had when I first toured a Hagood Homes home.

It was a Parade Home. As I approached the front porch I noticed a heaping pile of shoes left by all the people who had arrived before me. I remember thinking that this said a lot about the builder - the simple act of asking people to remove their shoes before entering demonstrated their care for their product and it also showed a tremendous amount of respect for the buyers that would eventually live in that home.

As I entered the home, I remember feeling so warm and welcomed. In addition to immediately being impressed with the obvious quality construction, I was also struck by the high-end finishes. It was apparent that Hagood Homes had been thoughtful in selecting classic finishes that would stand the test of time while also including new-to-market trends that would appeal to any buyer. The design of the home was flawless in that its practical flow took advantage of every square inch of space. Natural light poured into the home from every room and added to the warmth of the space despite its open layout. Even though the home was not in my preferred location, I was thrilled to have become acquainted with an extraordinary builder of beautiful homes!

I've built 3 homes in and around the Wilmington area since that time and each and every time I began my home search I would visit the Hagood website to see if they were building in an area that would be suitable for me. Unfortunately, things never lined up. I've only been in my current home for 2 years and even though it doesn't feel like the best long-term option I had decided to delay a search for a while yet. That was until I discovered Catherine's Cove. Upon visiting the model home and neighborhood, I knew immediately that Hagood's commitment to quality is alive and well after all these years. Within a couple weeks of visiting, I went under contract as I am confident this home will be my "forever home" and I don't want to miss out on the opportunity to fulfill my dream of owning a Hagood home in what I consider the absolute most ideal location in New Hanover County.

The journey has been a long one - roughly 20 years - but I finally feel like I'm really coming home!"

Tom & Nancy Pane

"Hagood was the only builder we interviewed with who from the start met almost every thing that we had on our wish list and were able to satisfy our wish list completely. When we asked for modifications to our house plan, they were easy to work with to get it done. We loved the attention they gave us during the home research process and the ability to work with us effectively from afar."


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