Eco-Friendly Construction Waste
Eco-Friendly Construction Waste

We pride ourselves on thoughtful design so that every inch of a Hagood home is used, with not a nook or cranny unused. That same low-waste philosophy goes into our construction materials. But like most Hilton Head and Wilmington new home builders, there is inevitably materials that are not used during the construction process. From finding uses for wood remnants to recycling cardboard packaging, we aim to find eco-friendly ways to minimize waste in our homebuilding.


Wood is primarily used during the house framing process. However, many materials arrive on wood pallets that are left over once a home is complete. We recycle 70 percent of clean wood products, including two-by-fours from framing or pallets, to make a clean mulch. This wood mulch is then dyed and reused by third-party landscaping professionals.

Brick and Concrete

Brick and concrete are used in our homes’ foundations, exteriors, patios and driveways. The material that is left over is sent to a facility that makes crush and run, which is also known as ABC stone or dense grade aggregate (DGA). Both ABC stone and DGA contain pulverized stone, stone dust and often mixed with tiny pieces of gravel and limestone. In turn, DGA and ABC are used in parking lots, patio bases and temporary driveways.

Sheet Rock

We have approximately 240 tons of sheet rock remnants each year. This material is sent to a recycling plant to make compost and topsoil. We partner with McGill Environmental Systems at its coastal Carolinas composting facility for this effort. McGill Environmental Systems manufactures premium compost products through the recycling of non-hazardous, biodegradable byproducts. An added bonus is that McGill SoilBuilder Premium Compost is good for the soil and the planet. According to McGill, SoilBuilder compost reduces irrigation requirements and stormwater runoff up to 50 percent. It also improves drainage and nutrient uptake for plants, trees and turf.


We partner with Sonoco Recycling for our cardboard recycling program. The cardboard from various packaging is recycled into new cardboard. Sonoco collects more than 3 million tons of recyclables in more than 100 towns across the U.S each year and help over 15,000 companies save money, resources and create clean, renewable energy. We appreciate their commitment to transform challenges into opportunities and create more sustainable communities and businesses.

Eco-Friendly Hilton Head & Wilmington New Home Builder

Hagood Home’s focus is to produce quality products with integrity and to maintain the solid reputation our founders created. As Hilton Head and Wilmington new home builders, we have a reputation for constructing highly livable, quality homes. We design and build homes in some of the finest, amenity-rich neighborhoods in the coastal Carolinas. Contact us today to discover the possibilities!

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