Spray Foam Insulation: Go Green with Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings
Spray Foam Insulation: Go Green with Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Recently Hagood Homes has made a switch from traditional insulation to Foamsulate, a spray foam insulation, in many of our homes that can be applied in attics and crawl spaces. From cost savings to improved comfort, there are many benefits that spray foam insulations provide in our coastal Carolina custom homes.

Cost Savings

When you insulate your attic with spray foam insulation, you can dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. Did you know that the average NC & SC home’s attic is around 140 degrees on a summer day? With spray foam insulation, the average attic is 85 degrees. With cooler and more consistent temperatures, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that home owners enjoy a 40% reduction in energy costs with spray foam insulation. That means and average monthly energy bill of $200 is cut down to $120!

Environmentally Conscious

While the cost savings are great, the energy savings are also environmentally conscious. By reducing your homes energy consumption, you can reduce its carbon footprint. The spray foam that is used in Hagood Homes is non-toxic and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It has even received the GreenGuard Certification for application in hospitals and schools. GreenGuard certified products are designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time (IE: schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, etc.). GreenGuard fertilization is based on criteria used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Foamsualte is in numerous federal buildings, commercial projects and residential homes across the US. In fact, the American Lung Association featured a spray foam insulation in their Health House project. It was featured as one of the best building materials to utilize to create a healthy structure for families.

Improved Comfort

Spray Foam Insulation: Go Green with Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings 2Spray foam insulation also makes your home more comfortable in a number of ways. When the spray foam is applied it expands to fill all cracks and create a tighter thermal envelope around the home. The tighter thermal envelope means your heating and cooling system can work more efficiently and reduces unwanted pockets of hot or cold air. This gives the home a consistent temperature and the setting on the thermostat remains consistent year round.

The air quality is also improved throughout the home by reducing unwanted air infiltration. Because spray foam insulation provides an air-tight seal, it greatly minimizes the outdoor allergens, pollutants and pests from entering your home. By reducing unwanted air infiltration, there is a reduction of moisture, dust and pollen that can penetrate the home through small cracks and exposed openings.

Spray foam insulation can also reduce the noise inside and outside your home. The sound of running water through plumbing pipes or the buzz of a lawn mower engine are all reduced if not eliminated in homes with spray foam insulation.

Improved Function

While the attic may not be a “finished” space with dry wall and moldings, spray foam insulation can improve the function of your attic. Because the attic space is conditioned with a more regulated temperature the space becomes more functional. Plus, many Hagood homes have walk-up accessible attics. This makes them very easy to get to compared to those with pull-down stairs. Spray foam insulation and walk-up accessibility may make your attic feel like a whole extra room in the house!

Green & Energy-Efficient Coastal Carolinas Custom Homes

For a limited time Hagood Homes will include spray foam insulations for your entire new home build. This offer includes exterior heated walls and the attic. This will result in a R-19 in lieu of a R-13 insulation rating in your exterior walls. Because of Hagood’s massive attic storage spaces this will have a huge impact on your wallet, comfort and home’s function.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about building a green, energy-efficient home in the coastal Carolinas!

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