From Our Buyers: The Value of a Hagood Home
From Our Buyers: The Value of a Hagood Home

Recently Carol and John Sherman built a Cape Lookout in beautiful Compass Pointe. Sales Manager Josh Adams sat down with them and discussed their experience building during the COVID-19 pandemic, the features they feel separates a Hagood Home from the rest and much, much more!

How did you discover Hagood Homes?
We were introduced to Hagood Homes by the Compass Pointe realtor that gave us our initial tour of model homes. We met Josh Adams on that first visit and were impressed by how he sat down with us and asked what we were looking for in a home. Josh was the only builder rep that day that took that extra time to get to know us.

I hear all the time, “we love your homes but feel as though they are out of reach for us financially”. What would you say to that?
I think many folks get that impression because they don’t take the time to compare builders on an apples-to-apples basis. It’s easy to overlook the extra value that Hagood brings to the table. Such features as raised foundations, spray foam insulation, and 10ft ceilings add extra function, efficiency and elegance to a Hagood home.

You interviewed many of the builders at Compass Pointe, what ultimately led to your decision to go with Hagood Homes? Explain your process for narrowing down and ultimately selecting Hagood Homes.
It’s true we spent significant time choosing a builder. We felt as though we owed ourselves that due diligence. After touring many models and reviewing the different base options, we whittled our choices down to 3 builders. We then sent those builders pricing requests based on similar models and our wish list of upgrades. After reviewing the price estimates we got down to two builders and ultimately chose Hagood based on value for our money and the professionalism Hagood had shown during the process.

Carol and John, you built the Cape Lookout without ever stepping into a model, describe that experience for us?
We had toured the Hagood Shackleford Banks model which is the basis for the Cape Lookout design so we were confident that we would be happy with our choice even though we had not seen an exact example.

If you had to narrow it down to the top three reasons for selecting Hagood Homes, what would they be?
1. Spray foam insulation because of the added HVAC efficiency that delivers long term savings.
2. Raised foundation because we live in an area of potential storms.
3. The style and elegance of a Hagood Home sets it apart from all the other cookie cutter homes.

Your home is currently under construction amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how has that been?
Surprisingly, the virus has not had a big effect on our build. We continue to see significant daily progress and are very happy with the communication we get from Daniel our project manager.

How has the overall process been for building your home, working with our sales team, design team, and construction team?
Our experience with Hagood teams has been very good. Communication and understanding the customers’ needs is the key to relieving any process anxiety and Hagood does a good job of it.

Would you recommend Hagood Homes to others? What would be some of the main reasons you’d recommend us?
For anyone that is in the process of choosing a builder, we would recommend Hagood because we truly believe you owe it to yourself to do due diligence and Hagood is truly worth your time and effort.

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