Hagood Homes Supports Transitional Housing Efforts in Brunswick County
Hagood Homes Supports Transitional Housing Efforts in Brunswick County

Through its nonprofit organization Hagood Hope for Children, Hagood Homes recently donated $15,000 to the Brunswick Partnership for Housing’s Build Hope Campaign initiative, marking a significant step forward in addressing affordable housing challenges in Brunswick County. Funds will not only help retire the mortgage that exists on its Southport transitional housing facility, but it will enable the organization to move forward with its plans for expansion.

The Brunswick Partnership for Housing provides support in three key areas – emergency shelter for families with children, transitional housing for families, and advocacy for workforce housing.

According to Patrick Kennedy, President of Hagood Homes, supporting the transitional housing efforts in Southport was a natural fit for both organizations.

“We have committed our lives to housing. Home is where we live, raise families, and build a life,” said Kennedy. “I can’t imagine not having a home. We’re happy to give back in a way that can give a family a permanent place they can call home.”

Hagood Hope for Children receives a donation of $2,000 from every home the company builds, and according to Kennedy, 90 percent of Hagood homes are built in Brunswick County.

“Our homeowners come to Brunswick County and build a new life here,” he said. “It’s important to us that they are happy here and know they are part of a strong, caring, community.”

The Build Hope campaign, aimed at retiring the mortgage on the Southport facility, is a key initiative for BPH. With a remaining balance of $30,000 at the time of the discussion, Hagood’s contribution has halved this burden, demonstrating a tangible impact on the Partnership’s efforts.

Sally Learned, Executive Director of the Brunswick Partnership for Housing, expressed gratitude for the generosity of Hagood Hope for Children, highlighting how this donation brings the organization closer to its goal of paying off the mortgage for its building. This collaboration reflects the strength of the community and its collective efforts to address housing challenges and support those in need.

About Hagood Hope for Children

In July of 2004, founders Jim and Troy Kenny created a non-profit organization, Hagood Hope For Children. The mission is to help provide basic necessities for life, food, clothing and shelter, for children around the world, while exposing them to the love of our lord Jesus Christ. The Hagood Homes foundation has donated more than $1.6 million over the last 20 years.

About Brunswick Partnership for Housing

Brunswick Partnership for Housing (BPH) is a nonprofit organization in Brunswick County addressing the needs of homeless families and individuals seeking housing and advocating for affordable workforce housing. BPH also provides outreach and short-term emergency shelter. Established in 2019, BPH seeks to provide a stable living environment for those seeking a permanent housing solution. For more details and information about BPH and to make a tax-deductible contribution, visit the BPH website at brunswickpartnerhship.org.

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