Hagood Kitchens Showcase Form and Function
Hagood Kitchens Showcase Form and Function

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of a home. At Hagood Homes we understand that the kitchen is a focal point for your day-to-day life as well as critical to the form and function of your home. Hagood Homes designs kitchens in our coastal Carolina luxury homes that showcase form and function.

Kitchen Customization

While there are features that are included in all Hagood kitchens, our buyers have the opportunity to customize their kitchens to fit their lifestyle and personal style. In the first few weeks of the building process, our buyers have the opportunity to make layout changes to the kitchen. Our team helps guide buyers so that refinements to the layout ensure optimal and efficient use of space, a seamless flow and maximum convenience.

Then during the selections process, our buyers have a one-on-one design consultation with a member of our team. At this time, selections are made to further personalize the appliances, countertops, cabinetry, colors and finishes featured in the kitchen. Our team is able to make recommendations to ensure that their kitchen selections flow with the rest of the home and bring harmony to their space.

Essential Kitchen Features in Hagood Homes

The kitchens created by Hagood Homes have many extras and upgrades that come standard. Some of these include oversized islands, under-cabinet lighting and tile backsplashes. Below are more features that Hagood homeowners have come to love.

Efficient Layout Enhancing Flow and Use of Space

Our kitchens are designed with an open floor plan in mind. By eliminating unnecessary walls, the lines for sight are opened to other areas of the home. In addition, we incorporate variations of the kitchen work triangle into the layout. This concept is an efficient use of space, as well as aesthetic and functional.

Abundance of Natural Light

With 6-foot windows off the kitchen and main living area, natural light floods the kitchen during the day. In the kitchen, perhaps more than any other space in the home, natural light is critical.

Solid Wood Flooring

Even when installed in one of the most trafficked areas of the home, our solid wood flooring stands the test of time. Carrying the wood floors through the kitchen seamlessly connects the space with the rest of the home.

Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops, such as granite, provide a premium work space for meal preparation. Plus, natural stone is durable and shows less wear from use throughout the years.

Tile or Stone Backsplashes

Let’s be real – things in the kitchen can get messy. Tile and stone backsplashes can make cleanup a breeze. They also can improve the durability of the walls over time.

Oversized Kitchen Islands

Our kitchen islands provide a communal area for gathering with friends and family over conversations or a freshly prepared meal. Measuring 9 feet or more and featuring a 16-inch overhang, our islands provide plenty of room for everyone!

Pendant Lighting Over Island

In addition to adding light and some ambiance to an evening of entertaining, pendant lighting over the island can be a key design element for the entire kitchen.

Quality Cabinets with Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting comes standard in all Hagood kitchens. The LED lights we use illuminate your work space, are energy-efficient and have a long life. In addition, our homeowners enjoy soft-close, dove tail, full-extension drawers in their kitchen cabinets. The design helps distribute the weight on the drawers, which improves usability and reduces stress on joints and hinges.

Walk-In Pantry with Motion-Activated Lighting

Our large walk-in pantries offer storage for dry goods, table linens, handheld appliances and more. The built-in shelving is easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the motion-activated lighting is convenient when you come home with an armful of groceries or into the pantry to enjoy a midnight snack.

Coastal Carolinas Luxury Homes

As a custom home builder, we design and construct costal Carolinas luxury homes in Hilton Head, Wilmington, N.C., and throughout the coastal Carolinas. We have a reputation for constructing highly livable, quality homes. Contact us today to discover the possibilities!

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