Maximizing Space to Maximize Your Life
Maximizing Space to Maximize Your Life

Each home that we build has been carefully considered for best use of every square foot. We pride ourselves on the fact that there is no wasted space in a Hagood home. Every home maximizes space with efficient and effective use of its square footage.

Custom Home Design for Maximum Impact

The process for ensuring efficient and effective use of space is started long before a single footing is set or a foundation is laid. Our plan designer and co-owner, Troy Kenny, puts careful thought and meticulous planning into the layouts of each room. Troy was born with a creative talent that puts her floor plans in a class of their own.

She has the ability to visualize how a home and each room in it will be used before construction even begins. Through a process of visualization, drafting, tweaking and re-tooling, Troy makes sure that every Hagood home has a floor plan that will work for the family who lives in it.

Efficient & Effective Use of Space

By maximizing the space in our homes, we can enhance the lifestyles of the people that live in them. We work diligently to ensure that every square foot is designed to be brighter, smarter and more usable.

Some examples of efficient and effective use of space in our homes include:

  • Open floorplans of common areas to eliminate unnecessary walls and halls and maximize space
  • A strategically located and designed drop zone in every home
  • Custom pantry shelving that maximizes space for storage
  • Custom kitchen cabinetry that provides ample space for cookware
  • Built-out attics that provide maximum use of second-story space and easy access to storage

Bring Your Custom Homes Dream to Reality

Hagood Homes’ focus is to produce quality products with integrity and to maintain the solid reputation we have created in the years since our founding. As a custom home builder, we design and build homes in some of the finest amenity-rich communities throughout Hilton Head, Wilmington, NC, and the coastal Carolinas. We are known for being easy to work with and for the outstanding quality of the homes we build. We ensure that every Hagood home is built to exacting standards, while our design vision makes every Hagood home a true original. Contact us today to discover the possibilities and to turn your dream home into a reality!

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