Stay in the Know During all Stages of Your Hagood Home Construction with Buildertrend
Stay in the Know During all Stages of Your Hagood Home Construction with Buildertrend

With a few swipes on your smartphone, you can regularly check in with your friends through social media and stay on top of news, weather, and everything in between. How can you get similar digital updates on your home’s construction progress? Watch the video from sales agents Josh Adams and Hannah Tew as they walk through the Buildertrend app.

Virtual Visits of Your In-Progress Home

Nothing beats an on-site walk-through as your home comes to life. We encourage clients to visit in person as much as possible, but many of our clients build from afar, creating the
need for a shared digital space that captures ongoing developments. Our team can share videos, pictures, and documents that track the progression of the home for clients living or traveling around the world.

No matter where you currently live or where you build your Hagood home, the Buildertrend App gives you a personalized look into what’s happening with your new home.

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Comment and Connect with Us

The platform features daily logs, which get updated with photos and videos several times a week. But it’s not a one-way process; clients can offer feedback through comments on each post. These client comments go to Hagood’s construction manager, production manager, and sales agents.

While these comments on photos and videos are great, there may be times when you want to have more detailed communication. That’s why the Buildertrend app has a messaging feature. Have a question or concern? An idea? Send your message to the Hagood team and we’re here to address your needs 24/7.

Schedule Transparency

When can I move into my new home? It’s a question at the top of your mind from the day construction begins. Uncertainty about hitting the exact target date can be a source of unease for some. Nobody likes to be in the dark.

You get full transparency when you see your home’s construction schedule in detail and regularly updated. Buildertrend’s scheduling calendar offers an inside view of the completed and pending tasks. From flooring and cabinet installation to plumbing and painting, you can see what’s complete and get a good idea of when future tasks will finish.

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Your Important Files in One Place

Building a new home comes with lots of documents. And it’s easy to lose track of them. Unless you have a handy file repository. Through the Buildertrend platform, you can view and download your floor plans, elevation profiles, construction sales addendum (CSA), and much more!

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Access Buildertrend from your computer through the web-based application. Or on your favorite mobile device with the Android app or the iOS app. Already have an account, Hagood clients can sign in here.

Building a home can feel like a dizzying dance of moving parts, making it important to break down, organize, and catalog those parts for you. It’s one more way the Hagood Difference offers you peace of mind at every step of the homebuilding process.

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