The Hagood Difference: Natural Light
The Hagood Difference: Natural Light

There are several benefits of incorporating natural light into your home, but there are many more reasons why we make it a strategic part of our home designs. Here are just a few:

Increases the value of your home

Windows – and lots of them – can actually increase the value of your home as the natural light makes your home appear larger and more open while bringing the outdoors in.

Reduces energy consumption

Natural lighting brightens a space and can help heat it when the sun is shining, resulting in less energy consumption.

Improves your mood

At least 30 minutes of sunlight a day can increase the “happy” hormone called serotonin which is beneficial in preventing depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Boosts your body’s vitamin D storage

Vitamin D is important for promoting bone growth as well as helping prevent some types of cancers, heart disease, weight gain, and depression. The best source of Vitamin D comes from the sun.

Benefits your vision

Natural light has been shown to lower the risk of nearsightedness by allowing the eye to produce more dopamine, which is important for healthy eye development. Natural lighting also reduces eye strain compared to other lighting methods.



The Hagood Difference

At Hagood Homes, we know how to maximize natural lighting in every coastal-inspired home we design and build. Standard features Hagood homes offer are triple-pane and 6-foot windows. Other builders use two-pane and 4.5-5 foot windows, thus reducing the amount of natural light and limiting the energy efficiency.

Two important hallmarks of a Hagood home are livability and energy efficiency. We believe that natural lighting is the essence of livability. Many of our competitors have stayed with two-pane windows, making their homes feel almost cavernous compared to our light, airy, and “happier” homes. Learn more about our triple-pane window feature in the video below.



Our standard three-pane windows, elongated 6-foot windows, as well as our popular covered screened porches, showcase the coastal Carolina lifestyle so many of our clients crave. Whether you’re looking for a custom home or fall in love with one of our award-winning plans, our sales managers and design specialists are ready to work with you!

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